700-Miles In – Rocky Mountain Race Week – Day 3

June 21st, 2019

After a long day on the road yesterday, the racers are checking in at the Julesburg Drag Strip in Colorado. This is the oldest operating drag strip in the U.S. Bad news is that the weather is wet. Good news is that the rain is subsiding, and it has cooled things off a bit. Race cars like it cool.

Racers are looking a little tattered 700-miles into this excursion. Nevertheless, there are some top-tier competitors gnashing on the bridle to get back on the track. There’s a stunning yellow Mustang that has undergone a terrible struggle. The alternator belt broke and took out the wiring to the electric water pump. After repairing all that; the hood was not secured. It blew up and into the windshield. Like that wasn’t enough bad luck – the fuel pump went out and he got stuck in a muddy field. Enough already!

Finally, the racers take to the track but the track ain’t feeling it. After 24-hours of rain, it is slippery and unpredictable. While the turbo cars are making more power in the cool, dense air – everyone is having trouble putting the ponies to the pavement. The best of the best will find that delicate balance between power and traction and they’ll find it fast.

Loads of great drag racing action on this clip!

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