Over the Mountains – Rocky Mountain Race Week 2019

June 19th, 2019

Day One of Rocky Mountain Race Week is over and it’s time for these racers to pack up their cars and drag their gear over the Rocky Mountains. Bound for Jefferson County, Colorado and the Bandimere Speedway (aka Thunder Mountain), these street/strip vehicles will be tested with a 200-mile trek that is almost all uphill. This is certainly the most demanding leg of this 1,000-mile road trip that many competitors claim is the most difficult part of this event.

We are not on the road long when vehicles begin to drop like flies. A broken rack-and-pinion bracket, a vapor-locked fuel system, tire problems and on it goes. The competitors are quick to stop and help fellow racers get back underway in the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect. Wrenches are spun, knuckles are busted, hands are shaken and beers are consumed. Almost everyone makes it.

Once they arrive at Bandimere, the racing begins in earnest. The Red Nova (from yesterday) pairs up with a vintage Camaro and lays down a 9.20-second pass @ 142 mph. The (22-foot long) Cadillac Hurst manages a 10.47-second pass @ 136 mph and an awesome looking Corvette Grand Sport shows up with twin turbos and a kit of nitrous.

There’s tons more heads-up drag racing on this one. Many six and seven-second passes. Take a look.

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