E85 Jeep Trackhawk vs. Acura NSX – Street Dig Pass

April 13th, 2021

This clip just goes to show that you never know what you will roll up against on the street. You can’t blame a guy (or gal) for wanting to push the limits of their new sports car. How else are you going to know what it will do? However, a spoonful of discretion may save you a truck load of embarrassment if you call out the wrong sled. First, ask what modifications have been performed on your potential victim. Most hot-rodders and gearheads will tell you all about what has been done to their precious ride. Next, just listen. If a vehicle has really loud (or open) exhaust, chances are that extensive modification has occurred. Beware the turbocharger upgrades, ported and polished blowers and that dreaded nitrous.

The Acura NSX utilizes a twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 internal combustion engine, and a trio of electric motors, to manufacture 573hp. In stock trim, the NSX can rocket from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1-seconds. Does he want any of this modded Jeep Trackhawk, though? Let’s see.

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