550HP Rear Engine Acura Integra – Trolling the Streets

May 28th, 2020

You boys (and girls) like Mexico? I certainly hope so, ‘cause it is time to dip down into Old Mexico for some door-handle-to-door-handle roll racing on the interstate. Featured in this video is a rear-wheel drive Acura Integra with a rear mounted engine. Yeah, an engine in the trunk! As the cameraman climbs onboard, this driver searches the streets for some V8 powered cruisers to shock. Let’s see what happens when the rubber meets the road.

Powering this unique build is a stock V6 engine (3.0-liter) with a Precision 6466 turbocharger. Everything about this car screams “race ready” but can it get down with the big cubic inch monsters from Detroit? Maximum output is estimated at 550hp.

Minutes after we hit the interstate, it’s on like hotcakes. First up is a 700hp Cobra Mustang. The Acura gets the jump on the Ford in the initial hit with the Mustang driving around us in sequential hits. Good, close street hits right here.

Next up is a (basically) stock Chevy Camaro ZL1 (640hp). Again, the Integra comes out of the hole with a vengeance and the Camaro hawks him in near the finish.

A Mustang GT500 is the next matchup for the Acura. The Acura is having a good night as he blasts away from the pony car FTW.

The rear engine Acura goes on to embarrass some high-powered imports and domestics, alike. Check it out for yourself.

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