Top 10 Street Races of 2020

December 29th, 2020

Sure 2020 has been a crazy year. With everything that has happened, the one thing that has remained constant is the competitive nature of street racing. We come from all walks of life – whether you like roll racing, dig racing or both – to compete against the best of the best on the street. This video production brings us a compilation of the best street races from the past year. Buckle up, grab ahold of something and enjoy!

Up first is a roll race between a twin turbocharged GMC (Oldsmobile) G-Body and a 900hp Cadillac CTS-V Version 3. In a super close contest, the G-Body takes the early advantage before the Caddy drives around him FTW.

Race two involves a twin turbo Ford F-150 (built by Midnight Performance) and an 815hp Corvette with an ECS blower. It was wild to see this jacked-up F-150 get a huge jump on the ‘Vette before the Corvette roped him in at the end.

Next up is a roll race between a Corvette Z06 (supercharged) with a 100hp shot of nitrous against a C5 Corvette (naturally aspirated) with a 300hp shot of nitrous. In this ‘Vette on ‘Vette showdown, the NA car takes the early jump, but the supercharged ride wins out in the end. Another close one!

Seven more quality contests on this one. You don’t want to miss this top 10 list.

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