Superbowl of Street Racing

July 25th, 2019

Is this the biggest night of street racing all year? Maybe so. One thing is for sure; some of the heaviest hitters in roll racing have gathered (in Mexico) for this street racing extravaganza.

The evening begins inside the BADCOBRA – a 1,200hp twin turbo Cobra Mustang. This thing is super-fast. When a ProCharged Corvette Z06 rolls alongside – it’s on like hotcakes. BADCOBRA FTW in multiple passes.

Next up is BADCOBRA vs the midnight Corvette ZR1 (and some kind of speedy motorcycle). This time, the Chevy gets the jump and gaps BADCOBRA.

Now a pair of rabid Nissans attack BADCOBRA. One is making 1,100hp and the other is making 1,300hp. Both of these imports show BADCOBRA the taillights before the Silver Nissan is slowed by traffic. There’s also bike ripping it up in the far-right lane.

BADCOBRA thinks he wants a rematch with the 1,300hp (RED) GT-R but – Wow! He gets gaptized for days.

The Europower (RED) GT-R is the camera car now. He gets hold of a twin turbo Dodge Viper and eats his lunch. Great street racing action on this one!

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