840HP Charger Hellcat – Street Rolls

October 1st, 2017

When the camera car is a 1,300hp Nissan GT-R, it is a good indication that the video contains some elite level street (roll) racing action. That was certainly the case during this night of street racing down in Houston (Mexico).

There is a whole bevy of amazing street cars in this clip. After a short show-and-tell session, the competitors take to the highway where the action gets started. A 1,200whp Pontiac Trans Am Formula (6.0-liter engine, LS3 cylinder heads, and an 88-millimeter turbocharger) gets spanked by the camera car (1,300hp Boost Logic GT-R). Both these cars chew up blacktop like a pig eats corn.

Next, we have a hybrid Mazda RX7 (with a modular Coyote engine and a 76-millimeter turbo) rolling out against a Fox Body Mustang (turbocharged small block Ford engine). The Mustang and the camera car victimize the RX7.

Finally, we have the Charger Hellcat with its modified upper supercharger pulley and (imaginary) catalytic converter delete package. The Mopar is taking on a Coyote Mustang with a Paxton supercharger (E85 fuel) and a Silverado with a 6.0-liter LS engine and a 76-millimeter turbo. The Mustang reigns supreme.

There are lots more street hits from many other awesome cars on this clip. The sound effects and music are great too.

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