Stock Dodge Challenger Demon vs 1100HP Forza DemonHawk – Dig and Rolls

April 24th, 2020

Forza Tuning and Performance, down in Clearwater, Florida is consistently turning out a unique blend of high-performance domestic thunder and high-revving exotic lightning. With varying performance packages that range from mild to utterly shocking, there is something for every enthusiast.

Today, we are going to see a race between a heavily modified Jeep Trackhawk and a stock Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The modified Trackhawk packs more power than the stock Demon but the Demon is lighter. To make thing a little more even – and a lot more fun – there will be dig racing and roll racing (30 mph and 40 mph starts).

The DemonHawk is lowered all the way around and riding on custom made 22-inch wheels (by Niche), wrapped in Pirelli rubber (soon to be Michelin). It has been treated to a Forza Stage 4R Package with a few extras. They include a Demon 2.7-liter supercharger (ported and polished), a Legmaker carbon-fiber cold air intake, a Forza Monster Can crankcase breather system, a custom SCL Performance fiberglass Demon style hood and an American Racing exhaust system with 2-inch long-tube headers.

Of course, the Demon is bone stock. That’s not to say that it is under-powered. Even in stock trim, the Demon is capable of making 840hp from its 6.2-liter supercharged mill. Let’s get to the racing!

After some instructional footage of a Corvette engine install and a custom haircut (and eyebrow delete) for a technician, the Jeep and the Dodge take to the streets of Mexico. As expected, the DemonHawk gaptizes the Demon from a dig. DemonHawk by about a bus-length.

Next are the roll races. The Demon gets a bit closer in the rolls, but the SUV is just too much for him. No surprises here.

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