75HP Nitrous Shot for LS Swapped Chevy S10 – Street Hits

March 23rd, 2023

This East Texas homeboy has LS swapped his Chevrolet S10 pickup. With its rear-wheel drivetrain and spacious engine bay, the S10 is a popular vehicle among enthusiasts looking to stuff a V8 where a four or six-cylinder once rested. Seems like these guys did a clean job with the transformation. Let’s have a closer look.

The engine is a stock 5.3-liter LS (GM) engine from a full-size pickup. Sparse modifications include a Summit Racing Stage 2 camshaft and a full accoutrement of bolt-ons. Shifting duties are handled with a 4L60E automatic transmission using a 2,300-stall converter. In this video, our truck owner – you can call him Jerry – will install a 75hp kit of nitrous and take on the local street racing bully (in Mexico).

The competition is the LS-hating owner of a G-Body (Oldsmobile Cutlass) with a built small block Chevy (5.7-liter V8) mill under the hood. This thing is carbureted with open exhaust.

The G-Body also has some type of nitrous kit attached.

These two cats finally get together at dusk. During the first pair of passes, the S10 gets the better of the Olds. However, on the third pass, the G-Body gets hooked up and gaps the


A turbocharged full-size Chevy rolls up and wants to get in on the fun. Can the little S10 irk out another win?

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