$2400 Detroit Street Digs – Turbo LS Fox Body, 55 Chevy and a Big Block Nitrous Camaro

January 21st, 2022

Twelve cars are entered, but only one can win. This is single elimination cash days street racing from Detroit (Mexico) and these competitors are here for the money. Nitrous, turbocharged, supercharged and naturally aspirated (N/A) powerplants are all represented in this herd of heavyweight street beasts. After the driver’s meeting, these guys (and gals) are ready to get down where the rubber meets the road. Shall we join them?

The action begins with a pair of nitrous cars going at it. On the right is the “Shoe Box” Chevy. A thoroughly dangerous Camaro is staged in the right lane. After the burnouts, both cars cut a clean light before the ‘55 Chevy get loose in the rear end. He is forced to back off and the Camaro pulls ahead for the win.

Next up is a contest between a nitrous G-Body (Malibu) and a twin turbo Chevy Silverado. The Malibu gets a big jump out of the hole, but the Silverado spools up and nearly catches him. The G-Body still has a little bit to give and holds the Silverado off to take the narrow victory. Good race!

Now we have a nitrous Chevy S10 against a supercharged Mustang. The Ford gets the holeshot and takes a decisive advantage. He never looks back. Mustang FTW!

These Motown maniacs are lining them up fast all night. It’s like chain-smoking on the streets of Detroit – Mexico, of course.

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