Rowing Gears – 8-Second Stick Shift Camaros at Street Car Takeover Atlanta

November 12th, 2020

Fittingly wearing the name “Moore HP”, this team showed up at Street Car Takeover in Commerce, Georgia and made it clear that they weren’t there to take part. They were there to take over! Though both the Moore HP cars are equipped with manual gearboxes – and both are Chevrolet Camaros – that is where the similarities end.

The first of these 8-second nightmares is a Gen IV Camaro (F Body) with a twin turbocharged 4.7-liter LS motor. The transmission is a Tick Performance T-56 (face-plated) and the clutch is by Black Magic. This silver bullet is running E85 fuel.

The second Moore HP car is a sweet looking Gen I Camaro. This baby is silver with black rally stripes and it looks amazing. Under the hood is a twin turbo 6.2-liter LS3 motor. The transmission is a Tick T-56 Magnum (no face plate) and the clutch is Black Magic.

In the first pass of this video, the two Moore HP Camaro entries take each other on in an exciting qualifying round. Both these cars pop, snort, spew flames and (at some point) tote the front as they fly down the 1320 and earn their position in the Stick Shift Class. This should be an eventful evening.

The first real racing of the video begins with the Gen I Camaro jumping out to a big lead over a clunky looking DSM import. Proving the theory that “it ain’t how you look, it’s what you have under the hood”, the DSM drives around the Camaro on the way to a 7-second quarter-mile. Wow!

The Gen IV Camaro draws a bad Fox Body Mustang, known as the Teal Cobra. This time, the Ford gets the hole shot on the Chevy and takes a big lead. Somewhere after the fourth shift, the Camaro drives around the Ford and takes home the victory with an 8.04-second pass @ 184.75 mph. That’s a personal best for the Moore HP car.

Take a look for yourself.

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