Import vs. Domestic – Supra and Charger Hellcat   

April 11th, 2018

The tale that is told on this video is one of only two cars. It is told with multiple passes and numerous camera angles. It unfolds on the streets of Old Mexico.

The two cars featured in this clip are as different as daylight and dark. One is a heavy, four-door sedan and the other is a short-wheelbase coupe. The one rolls off the factory floor with a massive, supercharged V8 engine and the other is outfitted with an inline 6-cylinder as original equipment. Even the hue of these two attention-grabbing street beasts stands in stark contrast of one another. The Toyota is a blue so bright that I can almost hear the song birds sing. The Mopar is a deep black; so menacing that it may make your skin crawl.

Whatever your taste, these two cars are purpose built to run on the street. Roll racing is their game and they are in it to win it. The Hellcat has undergone some performance modifications. It has (supercharger) pulley upgrades with full bolt-ons and it is running E85 fuel. Power for the Chrysler is estimated at 900hp to the rear wheels.

The Supra is every Toyota aficionado’s wet dream. With it’s clean and straight sheet metal it seems almost delicate. Looks can be deceiving! Under the hood lurks a monstrous turbocharger (Precision Billet 7175) and a 2JZ inline 6-banger with a full accoutrement of bolt-ons. The Toyota is also running E85 fuel.

Once the action jumps off between these two, it just gets hotter and hotter. Who will prevail? Check out the clip to find out.

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