Charger Hellcat vs C6 Z06 Corvette – Street Hits

February 18th, 2018

Buckle-up racing fans and get ready for some intense street (roll) racing south of the border. Our feature car of the evening will be a Gearhead Fabrications creation. It’s a 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat with a  Gearhead Fabrication (GF) Stage 3 Kit running pump gas.

The GF Stage 3 Kit includes:

  • Diablosport handheld programmer
  • Legmaker Intakes (LMI) cold air intake
  • 180-degree thermostat
  • Injector Dynamics ID 1050cc injectors
  • Oversize (2.85) upper pulley kit
  • ATI Super Damper (1.10)
  • Heavy-duty supercharger belt
  • New crankshaft pulley bolt
  • Boost-a-pump (fuel pump voltage upgrade)
  • Spark plug upgrade
  • Heat exchanger upgrade
  • GF billet catch can
  • Per4mance Development differential (rear) brace
  • BWoody billet idler
  • Custom dyno tune
  • Aluminum Dampened 4-inch diameter drive-shaft
  • Miscellaneous hardware, chemicals, seals, and gaskets

These guys will not be relegated to racing under cover of darkness but instead roll onto the interstate during the heat of the day. This is true for the first round but after that, it’s rolling on into the night.

Up first is a C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06  (10.36-seconds @ 135.5 mph) that has been upgraded with a Brian Tooley Stage 3 camshaft, a set of high-performance cylinder heads, an MSD intake manifold (102-millimeter throttle body), and exhaust  headers. This ‘Vette is running E85 fuel.

There are multiple passes between these two beasts. The road is flat and straight and the competitors are passionate. There is also a slick looking Supra and a second Corvette in this clip. Have a look for yourself.

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