Corvette Z06 vs. BMW M4, Hellcat and More – Street Racing

December 29th, 2021

With Christmas over, it’s time for the kids to play with their toys. These full-size kids have fueled up their playthings and taken to the streets (of Mexico) for a night of red-hot roll racing action. Let’s go!

First up, we have a modified (upgraded cylinder heads and camshaft) Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (supercharged) taking on all comers. It all begins with a BMW M4 that has been treated to a catless downpipe and tuned. In multiple hits, the BMW hangs in there momentarily before the ‘Vette shows him the tail lamps.

After that, a stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat rolls up to join the festivities. The Z06 is ready to play. In multiple hits, the Z06 answers the challenge – and then some.

Now the Corvette takes on a second BMW M4 (this one has full bolt-ons, a methanol injection and has been tuned) for $200. This Beemer proves to be a bit faster, whipping the Z06 in multiple hits.

Next up, we climb onboard a V6 Mustang (EcoBoost turbo) that has been shocking the world. It is making between 600 and 700hp. First, he will take on a tuned BMW 340i with full bolt-ons. These two cars are evenly matched and go back-and-forth in multiple hits.

Lots more roll racing on this one.