Roll Racing – West Texas Street Hits

August 5th, 2019

As temperatures reach into the triple digits and the days grow longer, street racers take to the interstates (of Mexico) for some roll racing in the night air. This is door handle to door handle racing from 60 mph to 140 mph – as quickly as possible.

It’s a warm night but I almost have goose bumps as we roll onto the interstate. Slow. Deliberate. Like a storm rolling in on the horizon. Suddenly a Mustang pulls alongside the 1,000hp Twin Turbo Trans Am and gives the sign. A count erupts and it’s on like hotcakes! In multiple passes, the Pontiac proves that this turbo Mustang has no answer for him.

Next up, an LSX Corvette gives the T/A the nudge. Unlike the Mustang, the ‘Vette has the recipe for Trans Am whoop a**. He whips up several batches (with special sauce) right quick.

The LSX Corvette takes on the turbo Mustang (from earlier), but we know how that turns out, right?

Now the LSX Corvette takes on an 830hp Corvette ZR1. Weaving through traffic; ZR1 for the win. There’s a ton more roll racing action on this clip. Check it out.

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