Street Hits – Charger Hellcat vs. TT Vette and Audi vs. Supra

August 20th, 2020

Taking it back to the streets with some roll racing action on the interstates of Old Mexico. These domestic and import competitors are looking to get their roll on in the cool night air. What better place?

The first contest involves a “stockish” Dodge Charger Hellcat, with an aftermarket (high-flow) intake manifold and a cat-delete kit, and a 2005 Chevy Corvette (550hp) upgraded with a built (aftermarket connecting rods, pistons and camshaft) 6.0-liter V8 engine and STS rear-mount 48mm twin turbo kit. It’s running E85 fuel. In the initial hit, the Hellcat defeats the ‘Vette handily. The Corvette turns up the power and walks the Dodge in the second hit. In the tiebreaker, the Hellcat comes out hard, but the Corvette drives around him at the end. Corvette FTW!

Contest two showcases an import, called The Chef. It is a Mike (Phat)Botti tuned 600hp monster of a 2003 Subaru WRX powered by a built boxer engine with a Precision 6466 turbocharger. It’s a manually shifted car on E85 go-go juice. Chef’s rolling out against an Audi RS3 (600hp) that has been tuned and has a stock engine with a Unitronic Stage 3 turbo kit. Chef carves the Audi up pretty badly in multiple hits.

Next, the previously mentioned Hellcat humiliates a C5 Corvette (470hp) in multiple hits.

The Audi RS3 gets a second chance against an MKV Supra (500hp) tuned by PhatBotti. The Supra has a stock motor with aftermarket intake, exhaust downpipe and methanol injection on E85. I’ll leave this one for you to call.

Lots more roll racing action on this clip. There’s a 2016 Ford Mustang 5.0 (500hp) with a 5.0-liter engine that has been modified with performance cylinder heads and camshaft with a Cobra Jet intake manifold. It has undergone a weight reduction modification and it has been tuned by Lund Racing. The transmission is an MT82 unit from a Mustang GT.

Then there’s the 2018 Mustang 5.0 (470hp) It has an aftermarket intake, as well as an upgraded exhaust system with headers. It is tuned by Palm Beach Dyno and it’s running a 10R80 gearbox. Fuel is E85.

The lone Chevrolet Camaro entry is a ZL1 1LE supercharged 6.2-liter. It has been modified with a performance intake manifold, exhaust headers and an exhaust crossover pipe.

You don’t want to miss this one!

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