Tesla Plaid vs 1000HP Hellcat, Twin Turbo Mustang and Built Corvette Z06 – Street Hits

October 13th, 2021

This time the all-electric Tesla Plaid is taking it to the streets (of Mexico). Having proven that it is the baddest beast of a production car ever on the dragstrip, the Tesla Plaid now moves to dominate the street in roll racing action.

Sure, the full-electric Plaid comes out of the hole with cat-like quickness, but can it hang with the likes of a modified Hellcat and a twin turbocharged Coyote Mustang on the roll? Let’s see.

Early in the evening, the Tesla (3-people onboard) rolls out against a 1000hp Dodge Charger Hellcat sedan. Right from the jump, the Plaid proves to be too much for the Hellcat. Emission-free vehicle for the easy win.

A supercharged Corvette Z06 is next up for the Tesla. This time the gas-powered ‘Vette lurches ahead at the jump before the Tesla drives around him and puts him in the rearview mirror. Tesla FTW! Multiple camera angles on this one.

Next on the list is a modified (turbo system) Audi RS3. The Tesla Plaid gobbles the Audi up like a pig eats corn. Not a chance.

Tons more roll racing action in this one. You don’t want to miss it.

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