Street Hits – DSM EVO 8 vs. Corvette Z06

January 12th, 2018

In an earnest effort to prove that there is no replacement for displacement, this beautiful, black Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will take on an EVO 8 (with a big turbocharger) on the streets of Mexico.

This C6 ‘Vette is of the Z06 variety. That means that is is equipped with a boisterous 7.0-liter (all-aluminum) V8 engine. From the factory it is capable of producing 505hp. It is equipped with titanium connecting rods and intake valves and has attention focused on maximizing air flow and valve timing. This particular car has been upgraded with high-performance cylinder heads, camshaft, and intake manifold.

The DSM takes a bit of a different approach. It comes with a turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder engine that is composed of a steel block and an aluminum cylinder head. In stock trim, it makes a meager 276hp. This EVO, however, is far from being stock. It has been treated to a major turbocharger upgrade along with performance camshafts and full bolt-ons. It is running E85 fuel.

This video features multiple street hits. These are extremely close races but you’ll have to watch to see who took the advantage.

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