Epic Street Shenanigans – BMW M5, GT-R, Corvette, EVO, K20 MR2 and More

September 7th, 2022

Things are about to heat up on the streets of Mexico. Cars from a variety of continents are ready to throwdown in head-to-head roll and dig racing action. Buckle-up, grab ahold and prepare to have some fun!

First up is a clash between the “Smurf” BMW M5 and a 630hp Camaro ZL1 (silver). The Beemer has been upgraded with a performance downpipe and a DME E30 tune. Smurf is claiming 700hp. Should be a good race. Not so much. The Camaro misses a shift coming off the jump and the BMW walks away.

Next, Smurf is taking on another Camaro. This one is an SS modified with a set of performance cylinder heads, a performance camshaft and an aftermarket intake manifold. This time, the Camaro hangs in there like a hair in a biscuit. Really close contest.

A three-way roll race is next on the agenda. Smurf will roll out against a 600hp Nissan GT-R and a 700hp EVO. This is another door-handle-to-door-handle thriller. Looks like a toss up between Smurf and the GT-R in multiple hits.

Tons more street racing action on this one.