1800HP Viper Hits the Street – Fast Cars vs. Fast Bikes

June 16th, 2020

Things are about to get real as these very fast cars and bikes venture south of the border for some roll racing shenanigans. Turbo and twin turbo Dodge Vipers, McLarens, Lamborghinis, GT-Rs – along with some of the baddest street bikes on the planet – are on-hand to log street hits. Have a look.

The first race in this impressive lineup is between a supercharged (with nitrous) Viper and a McLaren 720S. The Dodge gets the best of the British beauty before blowing the top off the intake manifold. Wow!

Up next, we have a 1600hp Calvo (CM1600) Dodge Viper rolling all over a Turbo Fox Body drag car. This Viper is in a different league as he toys with the drag car like a cat with a mouse.

Now we have a pretty yellow Viper (1400hp) against a 1200hp Toyota Supra. This one is more competitive than the previous contest, but the Viper claims victory in the end. This was (literally) door-handle-to-door-handle racing action.

The yellow Viper takes on a turbocharged Porsche 911 (1000hp) next. The Porsche jumps on the Viper in the first hit before the Dodge drives around him. A rematch has the Dodge spinning and the Porsche FTW.

Vipers take on Lamborghinis next and the action goes on and on from there. Check it out for yourself.