7-Second Supra

December 21st, 2017

This video delivers what may be the baddest Toyota Supra ever built – and it remains streetable. This car is as clean as a pin and it turns out consistent 7-second (quarter-mile) passes at approximately 195 mph. Expect to see a 6-second elapsed time from this Supra in the very near future.

The car is built by Real Street Performance using the best of everything it takes to go fast. One of the things that makes it suitable for every day driving is a wet sump, 3.2-liter, inline, 6-cylinder engine. Engine internals include a Brian Crower 90-millimeter billet crankshaft. The cylinder head is mounted to the block using ARP oversized studs and a pair of Brian Crower 276/276 camshafts are nestled atop it.

The turbocharger is a Precision ProMod unit and it is installed using a Real Street turbo kit. The intercooler is a 6-inch ETS unit and the engine is running on ethanol.

Keeping all the ponies running in the same direction (with help from a wiring harness by Cody Phillips Racing) is a MoTec M150 tuner tweaked by Jay Meagher using a John Reed Racing software package.

The transmission is a M&M TH400 with a Pro Torque Racing stall converter.

Out back, you have a fully adjustable four-link suspension setup and the tires are 275/60R15 slicks. Gross vehicle weight is 3,050-pounds but (with 1,800hp) this Supra is more than capable of blowing off a few doors on street or strip.

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