300WHP Ninja H2 vs. 1300HP TT Audi R8 – Half-Mile Drags

August 21st, 2021

This video documents the tale of two-wheeler versus four-wheeler in the standing half-mile. When Joe rolled into the Indy Airstrip Attack, he had no clue that he’d encounter Kyle (1320 Video) in his 1300hp Alpha built Audi R8 V10 Plus (twin turbocharged). This would afford Joe an opportunity to display the prowess of his 300whp Kawasaki H2 against some elite competition.

The H2 is a beast in factory trim. Obviously, the H2 featured in this video has been modified well beyond stock. It all begins with a 998cc liquid cooled four-stroke. The inline four-cylinder engine is also supercharged. Power-to-weight ratios being what they are, Kyle could be in for a rough day here.

The Audi comes from the assembly plant with a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine. Alpha Performance (Chicago) added a twin turbo kit with intercoolers and all the necessary bells and whistles. Overall, this R8 is a smooth beast.

After annihilating a Mustang GT350 and a yellow Corvette (205+ mph), Joe is prepared to take on Kyle in his R8 hot rod. This race will be a 40 mph rolling start. Joe destroys the all-wheel drive Audi in the roll race.

A dig race is next. Kyle uses his insurmountable traction advantage to get ahead and remain there. It is a good close race though.

So, who gets to choose the tie-breaker?


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