1600WHP Mustang Cobra Versus the World

September 24th, 2021

Tony’s twin turbo Mustang Cobra is one of the most capable street cars north of the Mason-Dixon line. Without discrimination, Tony has intimidated competitors on the street and strip for nearly two-decades. This outstanding Cobra has whipped turbo street bikes and posted consistent 8-second quarter-mile elapsed times. It’s an all-around street beast.

Under the hood of Tony’s 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra is a fully built 4.6-liter modular motor from Ford. A pair of Precision 6870 turbochargers force copious amounts of air into the snake and the transmission is a GM TH400 automatic. Maximum output is 1600hp to the rear wheels.

BADCOBRA (as Tony calls the car) earned her bones at TX2K17 when she gaptized everything in the parking lot, including the Black Jesus Fox Body (on video). Tony regularly terrorizes the streets of Minnesota, Mexico spanking modified street bikes and fast cars in impressive fashion.

Tony has owned BADCOBRA for more than 17-years. His initial inspiration to build a race car came after being whipped by a souped-up Honda on the street. He didn’t like the experience and immediately added a nitrous kit to the Ford. Years later BADCOBRA has evolved into the twin turbo monster you see crushing dreams in this video. Enjoy!

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