No Prep Drag Racing – Motorsports Molly at Midnight Madness

September 15th, 2021

Wake up drag racing fans and performance aficionados! Join us on a video journey to KD Dragway (The Hill) in southern Ohio. It’s Midnight Madness, a weekly No Prep Drag Racing extravaganza that showcases local talent and welcomes any new-comers that dare to drop in. Tonight, Midnight Madness will be graced by the Princess of stick shift Mustangs – none other than Motorsports Molly.

Molly is in her super clean Mustang Fox Body. It is Ford powered (no LS under there) and outfitted with numerous high-tech suspension components. Sorry, no power adders here (not yet anyway) but rest assured that Molly is plenty fast. As competitive as she is pretty, Molly looks to cut through the Stick Shift Class and claim the prize money (and bragging rights) at the end of the event.

In her first race, Molly takes on a 1965 Chevy Nova that looks like a Gasser. Let’s see how she fares.

Molly cuts a clean light and gaps the Nova by a country mile. She’s excited to move on to Round 2.

After a solo pass in Round 2, Molly draws a rowdy blue Mustang for Round 3. This looks like a tough race. Think Molly can hold on and advance to Round 4?

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