Street Racing Madness – Mini Cash Days 2015

January 12th, 2016

Street Racing Madness - Mini Cash Days 2015This video documents a hot night of street racing that attracts a bevy (eleven to be precise) of racing beauties. There are imports and domestics; sedans, coupes, a station wagon, and even a pickup truck – but there can be only one winner.

Everybody seems to be gunning for Skinny in the twin-turbocharged Fox Body Mustang. He’s making around 1,200hp and he is the odds on favorite. Among the gunslingers looking to lay down the gauntlet there is another Fox Body with a 408-cubic-inch Windsor engine and a 1,000hp white Camaro. There are so many elite competitors present that I can’t even list them all here. Check out the video and enjoy the action for yourself.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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