Lightweight Tesla Tames the Street

July 21st, 2017

It has taken many years for me to realize that, when it comes to street (and No-Prep) racing, consistency is the key. Right now, there is not a mass produced vehicle that brings a better balance of power and consistency than the all-electric Tesla P100D.

First of all; the words lightweight and Tesla may be a misrepresentation. You see, the P100D weighs in at a skosh less than 2.5-tons in factory trim. Our feature car has undergone a certain degree of weight reduction but still tips the scales at a rotund 4,500-pounds.

The lithium-ion powered motors on each end of the P100D provide instant maximum torque and an incredible degree of traction. Both these things allow the Tesla P100D to get out of the hole efficiently and proceed from point A to point B under full power and with very little wheel spin. The 750hp P100D is particularly effective when road conditions are less than ideal.

This is an entertaining video but I have to say that the silent acceleration of the Tesla is a bit disturbing. Have a gander for yourself.

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