Land Speed Record Attempt-Gen II Camaro on the Bonneville Salt Flats

January 16th, 2021

In the ultimate test of speed and endurance, this video showcases a 1,100hp Gen II Chevrolet Camaro as it runs all-out in a quest to make history. Every vehicle enthusiast knows that when it comes to pure, unadulterated speed, there’s only one proving ground – the vast openness of Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats. That’s exactly where we’re coming from in this clip. This series of attempts will not be made in a space-age cross between a car and a rocket. They will involve a 1981 Camaro and a big block engine (supercharged). We will be riding along. Buckle up.

The adventure begins early with an unproven 1973 Crew Cab Chevy Ramp Truck and a 600-mile journey to the venue. The engineering team at Hot Rod Magazine built the Roadkill Camaro. They will be transporting and campaigning it for this event. They picked up the truck for $3,500, and they are hitting the road with a lot of faith and the best intentions. Once fuel delivery and electrical problems lead to a chunk of rust in a crew member’s eye (and a visit to the urgent care clinic), the Roadkill Ramp Truck rolls into Bonneville in the nick of time.

Under the hood of the Roadkill Camaro is a 454 cubic-inch big block Chevy engine that has been stroked to 489 cubic-inches. A Vortech supercharger (10 psi of boost) forces air down the snout like it’s going out of style. In an unusual twist, the blower is routing boost through the four-barrel carburetor. You see, all cars in the Classic Car Class must be carbureted – no fuel injection.

With the car off the truck and on the salt, the nerves begin to show. Will these veterans of Speed Week succeed in busting a land speed record or will their best attempts be in vain? Only time will tell.

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