266 MPH BIG RED Camaro – Inside the Build

February 10th, 2019

As a muscle car that began as a production model Camaro Z28, this Chevy has evolved a long way into the complete racing machine you see today. BIG RED was initially modified as a Pro Touring car. After shocking the field at the legendary La Carrera Classic, in Mexico, this classic cruiser was kicked to the curb for being too much for the other Pro Touring cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, etc.) to handle. After all, it was “only” a 1969 Camaro.

Since then, BIG RED has gone on a tear. It is currently setup for top speed airstrip (mile and half-mile) contests but also competes in events like Pike’s Peak and various other road and cross country (cannonball) courses.

This clip goes in depth into this build as it covers everything from the body and exterior to the steering and suspension. Here’s a look at what’s happening under the hood.

At the heart of this 2,000hp beast is a 555 cubic-inch ProCharged V8. The ProCharger is adaptable and offers three speeds. This allows Big Red to compete at a high rate of efficiency in diverse racing situations. The engine is cooled using a 55-gallon, trunk-mounted water container and the fuel storage container (5-gallons) is located under the hood. No electronic engine management, and a carbureted fuel delivery system, make the accomplishments of this crew even more magical.

This is a video that every car builder and competitive driver can appreciate.

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