Budget Built 6.0 Swapped Chevy S10 – Full Setup

October 25th, 2022

Redneck Jerry is about to deliver the rundown on his budget-built Chevrolet S10 pickup. Jerry is a truck driver from Kentucky that loves to go fast in a straight line. He built this truck to race on the track in the eighth and quarter-mile. Sit back and relax as Redneck Jerry drops the details of this labor of love.

Starting with the engine, it is a LQ4 6.0-liter iron block with nearly stock internals. The crankshaft has been swapped with a crank from a 5.3-liter LS that had been freshly machined. The stock connecting rods are powder metal I-beam and the pistons are dished. The oil pan is a deep sump aftermarket unit, and the oil pump is from Melling. The cylinder heads are aluminum with 862 castings, and they are ported on the exhaust side. A set of Hedman Hustler longtube exhaust headers (1.75-inch diameter) feed into 3-inch pipes with Black Widow mufflers.

The intake manifold is a Holley single plane, and the throttle body is a four-barrel by Accufab. A Stinger 2 wet shot nitrous kit from Nitrous Outlet delivers the laughing gas. Fuel delivery is realized utilizing a set of Delphi 50-pound injectors, an Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator and some custom lines. The fuel pump is a frame-mounted Holley electric and fuel storage is handled with a Jeg’s polymer 16-gallon fuel cell (bed mounted).

Shifting duties are left to a built TH400 automatic transmission with a 3500 Nitrous PTC torque converter. It also has a trans brake and a custom fabricated drive shaft. The rear end is a custom-tailored Ford 9-inch with 4.10:1 gears.

Stick around and let Jerry tell you about the rest of the truck. Knowledge is power.

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