Big Easy Street Digs – 500hp to 900hp Cars and Trucks

March 5th, 2021

Time to get down south (of the border) for some hardcore street racing. The backdrop is a deserted stretch of blacktop in an industrial park. An eighth-mile has been marked off and some serious street racers (Daily Driver Extreme Class) have shown up to collect their share of cash in the Big Easy. Hold on to your hats. This one could go off the rails in a heartbeat.

After a brief period of testing, the grudge races are set to begin.

In the first contest of the evening, we have an Audi S4 sedan (500+ hp) against a supercharged Gen 6 Mustang. The Audi owner in unfamiliar with his opponent but regards him highly because the Mustang’s rear tires are drag racing slicks. Sure enough, the Ford gets the hit and never looks back. He gaps the Audi handily.

Next up is a run between another supercharged Mustang and a twin turbo Nissan 300Zx. The Mustang cut the light like a bullet and the Nissan never got close enough to smell his exhaust. Mustang FTW.

Still in the first round, we have the Bananarama (event favorite) turbocharged Mustang going against a Cadillac CTS-V coupe (unknown mods). Both cars cut a clean light and it’s a dead heat throughout the first half. Near the end the Mustang pulls ahead and takes the victory.

Tons more street racing on this video.

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