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SECRET COOL WATER BASE IN JAILBREAK FOUND!! - ROBLOX Jailbreak Secrets & Glitches ft. Hack
► Subscribe for more! -- ► Join my Nate Discord! : This video is a roblox video centred around the roblox jailbreak server which recently has gone public in beta. Some roblox jailbreak secrets are shown and a particular roblox jailbreak secret is the secret underground water base in the prison life 3.0 server. It is a roblox jailbreak easter eggs video and a roblox jailbreak easter egg video. This video is centered around roblox jailbreak police. Roblox jailbreak glitches are not known yet but if I do discover a roblox jailbreak glitch or roblox jailbreak beta hack I will be sure to tell you guys all of the roblox jailbreak hacks that this game has to offer, which does include roblox jailbreak exploits.It shows you a few things like a secret easter egg. It shows you a jailbreak escape mechanism similar to prison life I did not use exploits this time. Unfortunately my exploit tool was not a roblox jailbreak exploit so I could not use it to do a roblox jailbreak escape of the roblox prison. It would have been an amazing roblox prison escape of roblox prison life or roblox prison life 2.0 prison life is kind of like a roblox jailbreak beta but jailbreak is going to be as badass as a roblox prison life escape or roblox hack. ► Music Credits: I do not own any of these songs, all rights go to the real owner.

6 Hidden Houses in Minecraft
Hey guys! I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here with this video but it's something I wanted to do for a while so I thought why not! Here are a bunch of ways to hide your minecraft house or your minecraft base underground from your friends! Disclaimer: All of these designs have been showcased before, but I have known about most of them since before minecraft even fully released a lot of these designs are very old, but are surprisingly underused. I hope there is at least one you didn't know about! Thank you to SageBuilds for helping me with the redstone here all designs are accredited to him! Link to download the world file to come! Follow me! - Twitter: - Facebook: - Twitch: - Instagram:

10 Zombie Proof Houses Only The Richest Can Afford
top 10 expensive homes only rich people can afford during a zombie apocalypse Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: So, we’ve been waiting for it for decades now. We’ve watched all the movies and TV shows we could get our hands on, read all the books and played the related levels in video games – we’ve even seen what would happen if the plants rose up to fight the zombies. Yes, of course we are talking about the Zombie Apocalypse. All over the world, doomsday preppers have their escape plans ready, fuel and food stockpiled and contact information updated. Sure, you may be the type to laugh at all this because, let’s face it, there probably will never be a zombie apocalypse, right? You never know, but when a ghoul’s chomping down on your brains don’t say we didn’t warn you. What if your plan involves sitting tight and riding out the wave of the undead? Not a problem. A quick look around the real-estate listings shows that there are a ton of places that are either purpose-built to be zombie proof or are just plain fortress-like to begin with. Of course, having a zombie-proof home often requires a fair bit of cash. After all, moats, draw-bridges, concrete walls and underground bunkers can all add up on the credit card bill pretty fast. These following zombie proof homes are all pretty pricey and we’re thinking only the richest doomsday prepper will be able to afford both the purchase price and likely upkeep costs associated with keeping the defences ready. Sure there are cheaper alternatives – but would you really want to be trapped in a standard bungalow when a swarm of rotting corpses comes for you? Didn’t think so. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit:

100% HIDDEN Base Design | (Solo) Rust Base Building
Please watch: "CREATING A GROUP WITH RANDOM PEOPLE in Game | (Funny) Rust Gameplay" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Today I'll be showing you guys how to make a 100% hidden base design, well kinda. It's still detectable, but pretty darn good for a solo player. I'll be showing you a tour as well as how to engage in building it. Jay Bartgis - Fortify Paste-Bin : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music- 1: dark day - tomppabeats 2: idealism - phosphenes 3: Leavv - Thank You ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~