4g64 DOHC Build-up

Here's a short video of my 4g64 with 4g63 head Build-up. I still need to tune the motor a little as you can see or hear in the video, the motor sounds a little rich specially after 7000 rpms. Dyno video coming soon... Hope you liked it..

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galant 4g64 dohc build
A walk through on my 1996 mitsubishi galant engine build, turbo 4g64 with a 4g63 head. 5spd swapped. For more info visit www.thegalantcenter.net

4g64 4g63 Timing Belt Install
Install of timing belt on 4g63 64. Made this video to help those that are looking to do the same. I do not take responsibility for any damage your car may incur if you follow these steps. This is the way I did it and may not be the way others would do it but feel the information is still useful.

4G64 DOHC Pro Turbo Kit
Pro turbo kit for 3G Eclipse / 2G Stratus / 8G Galant. Designed for cars swapped to DOHC EVO or Kia head. All fabrication by UCS Performance.

4G64/63 start up.