Total Commercial with Fiat 500

Werbespot des französischen Mineralölkonzerns Total mit einem Fiat 500 in der Hauptrolle.

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Spot FIAT 500 (1957)
Il primo spot trasmesso in RAI

Fiat Commercial (2009) - Fiat Legends
Fiat's latest TV commercial broadcast in Turkey which shows 4 legendary models in turn and tells the firsts in brands' history.

Total – Committed to better energy - long version
At Total we believe that the world doesn’t only need « more » energy, but also needs « better energy ». Discover how everybody at Total is committed to #MakeThingsBetter, with this commercial filmed at Total sites all over the world. Discover the long edit of our new corporate commercial. It features additional scenes filmed at other Total sites from around the world. Follow us on Twitter at @total using #MakeThingsBetter and Facebook at Agency: Publicis / Marcel Director: Samir Mallal Music by Kavinsky

FIAT 500: "Greatest Car Ever", Top Gear feature (BBC2, S02E06, 2003-06-15)
EXPAND description for songs and episode info! FIAT 500: "Greatest Car Ever", Top Gear feature (BBC2, S02E06, 2003-06-15) Stills here: The full list of finalists in the order they were screened: McLaren F1 Ford Mustang Black Cab Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Jaguar E-type Land Rover Audi Quattro Fiat 500 Citroen DS Music/Songs used in the clip: 0:00 "Espresso Bongo" by Ray Davies * 0:37 "Sunny Speed" by John Cameron 1:02 "Eurotrash" by Peter Moore * 2:28 (unknown) 2:49 "Hot Pants" by Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker 4:10 "Boogie Juice" by Brian Bennett * featured on the compilation CD "60s & 70s Cheese" (1996)