1967 Falcon

This video was shot probably around 2000 or 2001 on my old Hi-8 camcorder. This was my first car and I still own it but it has been reworked since then. Engine is a built 302, trans is a 3500 stall/kitted AOD, axel is a 4.11 posi 8" Ford, and the Exhaust is long tube headers through glass packs.

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'64 Ford Falcon Standing Burnout
The video explains it all

68 Falcon 363ci idle
363ci FPA long tube stepped header, 3 inch x pipe and 3 inch bullets.

fast ford falcon
1966 ford falcon

Falcon 67 O.Ouellet 14.40
First time on the strip for this falcon, Olivier is feeling it out and i do beleive thats gonna be the slowest its ever gonna go! they are probly talking about more hp bigger engine, NOS,wheel, tires, rollcage and so on /! is this horse power chase ever gonna end!?? i hope not... :))