Eagle Talon 3" exhaust

Eagle Talon 3 inch Exhaust sound sample

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Apex-I N1 3" turboback exhaust clip
this is a vid of my Apex-I N1 3" turboback Exhaust with a 4.5" muffler.

Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Turbo exhaust
my eagle talon...it runs a 13.5 i took it to atco the other day. In this video i only revved it to 4500 rpms tops...but this is the only video i got and the sound quality is pretty bad.

Talon xTune exhaust
4" tip 3" catback

Eagle Talon Acceleration 22psi 20g TSi AWD
Just a brief pull I did from 35-115mph in my old 92 tsi awd. Fully stock motor. Stock block stock head. Stock trans. stock manifold and maf. just tuned on 91 pump gas when i didnt know hardly anything about what i was doing. car ran 12.7@107 on this setup I was bored and just made the vid for shits and giggles. Yes I know its really shaky. Sorry my camera mount wasnt with me and shifting/driving/recording = a pita.