Street racing; Chevrolet Cobalt SS vs Subaru WRX STI.

A short and sweet street racing video. A Subaru WRX STI racing at night against a Chevrolet Cobalt SS.

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Hellcat Charger vs Cobalt SS Hahn Stage 5 & Explosion
Cobalt SS hangs with a Hellcat charger pretty good, then explodes in a comical fashion.

Chevy Cobalt SS/SC vs Subaru WRX

{Risky Street Race} Subaru WRX Sti vs Mini Cooper Crazy, Psycho Driver. Shit is intense. Don't try this at home people

Street Racing Made Safe Event 1/5/14 Cobalt vs HHR vs STI
2010 Cobalt SS/tc vs HHR SS vs STI roll racing at Palm Beach International Raceway January 5th 2014