Procharged LS2 S14 200sx

Me posing in an underground carpark

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LS1 S14 240sx drive
I let vinny take the car for a quick spin up and down the block while we were hanging out at ASAP Performance.

LS1 V8 240sx Engine Swap
A 1997 Nissan 240SX with Corvette v8 and five speed transmission.

Project LS2 S14 on the dyno at Holley LS Fest
I was excited to get the car out to LS Fest this past weekend under it's own power. Things have been running well and I wanted to throw it on the Dyno and see what she would do. The first run I made was 375 and 377, with the following run (the one you're watching) making 377 whp and 380 lb. of torque at the back tires. Wonder what she'll do with a cam!

Procharged LS2 V8 powered 200sx S14