Procharged Mustang

Naka'z new Mustang.

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Procharged Mustang BBF
Big Block Ford with F3 Procharger start up 2013

Twin Procharged Camaro LITTLE BIT OF BOOST
This is the first road test. The rev limiter was set to 2500 rpm due to lean A/F ratio above 3000 rpm. Hence waiting for carburettor re calibration. we went around Beckenham roundabout at 50mph. The handling is better than before. Must be less weight up front!!!! More to come soon...

New Procharger F4 3383hp testing
Procharger F4 on 521Hemi capable of 10,000 rpm 3383hp at 7800 rpms and 52 lbs of Boost...... Top secret......shhhhhh!

Camaro SBC Procharger