Procharged Mustang

Naka'z new Mustang.

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New Procharger F4 3383hp testing
Procharger F4 on 521Hemi capable of 10,000 rpm 3383hp at 7800 rpms and 52 lbs of Boost...... Top secret......shhhhhh!

gregs f-3 pro charger mustang
tanner now with a procharger ..first start up.. pump gas drags ??? 572 bbc steve morris f-3 procharger

408 stroker with F1A procharger first drive.
I was attempting a first drive since the new build. But I had drivetrain noise that had to be checked.... Idle is so sick though!

The 2015 Shelby GT350R is not available outside North America, so I was lucky to see, and rev this car in London! ENJOY! Yesterday's Vlog: Follow me on TWITTER: AND ON INSTAGRAM: Subscribe and follow my journey: