Procharged Mustang

Naka'z new Mustang.

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1500 HP Procharged Mustang
385ci windsor, F2 Procharger, 1500hp on race tune, Car is running on the baby tune right now around 1100hp............ Car had been 7.60s @184 on the race tune,

Procharged Mustang goes 7.67@181
401ci SBF Procharger F1X on 275 Radials------------------------ This car was labelled 'peaked out at 7.82', she showed a certain few how much they really know.

twin procharged mustang runs 4.85@ the creek

|Sunday Funday| 5.0 Procharged Mustang, Supercharged Corvette, Integra, Big Turbo Evo
Went out to try and catch some local street racing action down in Mexico. Thanks to Zach at Full Throttle Video for the extra gorpo footage.