Insane Racing Team - Formula Offroad 2012!

Insane Racing's team video. Driver Martin Michaelsen in his car, "Insane" 825 hp. Formula Offroad 2012 Music by Sight Unseen. Go to: Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen, Insane Racing

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Follow us on Facebook at MADRAM11 Clothing More Incredible Videos: ALL VIDEO IS FILMED ON PRIVATE LAND with permission to wheel this way. TC pretty much shocked everybody when he built his buggy called SHOWTIME. It's Jimmy Smith Motorsports Chassis and TC built the rest at his shop. There isn't many hills he didn't hit in this buggy in the last few months. He started breaking the 300m RCV shafts so he decided to build some new 14 Bolt axles with Ouverson Shafts and Rockwell Outers. So I can't wait to see how he treats in next.

Record mundial de salto con coche

Best of 2 INSANE - Formula Offroad Ler 2015! NEXT HERO
Martin Michaelsen from Insane Racing drove in to his second win of the season in his brand new Formula Offroad car, 2 INSANE in Ler, Norway! Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen, NEXT HERO .com #NEXTHERO Thumbnail photo by Daniel Krokå (Daniels's Photo)

1000 HP 2 INSANE - Formula Offroad Matrand 2016!
2 INSANE FOR SALE - The best Formula Offroad buggy ever built! Spec: ENGINE: Mast Motorsports 1000 HP V8 LS7 427 with Whipple Supercharger - Worth $40.000 + 25% tax - Intercooler + Snow Performance water injection. TRANSMISSION: 2 step Powerglide from Transmission Specialities. Built for 2500 hk. - Worth $7.000 TRANSFERCASE: Special built on Iceland 1:1 ratio. AXLES: Spidertrax housing and knuckles. 9” center. 300M steel driveshafts, CTM joints and 50 degree turn. DRIVE SHAFTS: with 1410 joints custome built by High Angle Driveshafts. BREAKS: Spidertrax 13» discs - Wilwood calipers. STEERING: Complete PSC-hydraulic steering. WHEELS: 33” Good Year tires x4. Real Racing aluminium rims. CHASSIS: Tube-chassis. Based on triangles for maximum strenght. RADIATOR: A top of the line Ron Davis radiator with twin fan. RACE READY WEIGHT: 2950 LBS - 1340 kg BUILD TIME: 2000 man hours 2015 model. 1. place in first race. 1. place in NEZ-championship 2015 - Highest achievement possible in Formula Offroad We put a lot of time and effort into building the car and everything is made to be easy maintained. The chassis is built by tubes of higher strength than required by regulation and the triangulations makes it very strong. The car only weights about 1340 kg. The car was built in 2015 and is now tested and tuned over a few races, which means that the car is even better than new. The building price of 2 INSANE was $210 000 inclusive labor and VAT - The price for 2 INSANE is $100 000. The car is built 100% by new, top of the line parts, only using the strongest and most expensive components. Contact: