Nurburgring Opel Manta Racing Cars. Full Edit Opel's classic RWD coupé blasts around the Nordschleife.

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Manta Magic
A chronicle of the best moments of the Opel Manta from 1983-1987.

The Last Opel Manta GM Plant 1 in Antwerp

Nürburgring Oilfino Manta A 24h Classic-Youngtimer 2013 Nordschleife Bamstedter AC
AC Barmstedt 2013 wieder am Ring vertreten mit Manta A Gruppe 2

RCN 23.Juni 2011 MRM Opel Manta B Nordschleife
Michael Rank / Opel Manta B / Onboard / Nürburgring Nordschleife / Rahmen-Programm 24h-Rennen 2011