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Motorized Bicycle vs. X-18 Mid Bike in a 8 lap race.

To see pictures of the bike, go to: http://motorbicycling.com/f15/italian-stallion-progress-940.html Me holding off a 130cc Mid Bike on Team BoXer's 50cc motorized bicycle for 8 laps.


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X18 Mid Bike w/ Yoshimura Exhaust
The bike is actually finished but since it's winter time I took all the gas out and it is in my garage. The mods I have on it: 140cc Engine Maxxis tires DID Chain Mikuni 26mm Yoshimura Exhaust Vapor Trail Tech Vapor Dashboard Angle Kick start

Homemade open crank motor bicycle
Close up view of the engine at 3:35. Hope you enjoy!

160cc Engine On Bicycle
Victa lawn mower power

motorized bicycle drag race!!
more info go to : http://yimmie.webs.com/index.htm. this is my friends seven yr old daughter

Motorized Bicycle
This is our homemade 50cc 2-stroke motorized bicycle we made in shop class Its bitchin

Goofing around on X-18 Mid-Bike
We tear it up on Rob's used but souped up super pocket bike. Burn outs and wheelies, dag....we're nuts kids!!! So don't try this junk at home or you'll bust yer taint!

Death Race 2010 Main Helmet cam Laps 1-6 Part 1
Motorized Bicycle Racing Helmet Cam Main Event Part 1 Laps 1-6 Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race April 18,2010 at Musselman Honda Circuit (P1 Kart Circuit) in Tucson, Arizona

Motorized Bicycle Racing
Motorized Bicycle Racing, Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race 2009 at P1 Kart Racing Circuit (Musselman Honda Circuit) Tucson,Arizona. Check out Motorbicycling.com

Homemade 33CC Gas/Motorized Bicycle
Been working on it for past 4 days and didnt bother to film because i just want to finish it quick. The engine was off of my POS 33CC bandit Scooter I traded like a week ago and since it was so slow I used the engine on my old bike. The gear box helped alot in the build but after making this vid, the engines head bolts got loose and died about a km from my house LOL!! Luckily there was no major damage and only needed lock tight, new gasket and a honing since there was some small scoring on the Exhaust side because it was running lean. Max speed is 20MPH/30KM

My x18
110cc x18 midbike, 17-38 gearing,55+mph, race cdi, performance air filter, muffler mod done by x7rocks. custom signal lights

X-18 cruising legally
Crusing done gratiot ave.

Motorized Bicycle Racing 1-2-2010
Motorized Bicycle Racing Main Event 7 laps at Musselman Honda Racing Circuit (P1 Kart Racing Circuit) in Tucson,Arizona on January 2, 2010. Special Thanks to Mussleman Honda Racing Circuit, Santa Cruz Scooter Works, Motorbicycling.com, 1FunTV.com and to all the Racers. To learn more about Motorized Bicycles check out MOTORBICYCLING.COM

Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit
This is a video of my 2-stroke motorized bicycle with jackshaft kit. It can reach speeds up to 36mph.

My Motorized Bicycle!
http://www.motoredbikes.com Here is a clip of my bicycle with an engine on it.

Motorized Bike, From 0-40
Little clip on showing off the line riding.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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