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Motorized Bicycle vs. X-18 Mid Bike in a 8 lap race.

To see pictures of the bike, go to: http://motorbicycling.com/f15/italian-stallion-progress-940.html Me holding off a 130cc Mid Bike on Team BoXer's 50cc motorized bicycle for 8 laps.


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Motorbicycling com Photo Montage
Motorbicycling.com member photo montage Motorized bicycle discussion forum. Our topics cover everything from motorized bicycle engine kits, repairs, building and performance,Diy, E-bikes and so much more. Come by and check us out.... MotorBicycling.com

custom motorised jesse james chopper#2
this has a 49cc 2 stroke engine, 2 ltr tank, chain drive, FAT rear tyre, does 52kms to 55kms (depending on riders weight)

Death Race April 2010
Motorized Bicycle Racing Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race April 18, 2010 In Tucson,Arizona at Musselman Honda Racing Circuit.

Motorized Bike, From 0-40
Little clip on showing off the line riding.

キットカットさんが撮ってくれました。 とにかくパワーが無いのとトラクションがかかりません ・・・ http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/naokistyle

Death Race Promo - SpookyToothCycles.com
The largest event like this anywhere in the country. Held every April 20th, Death Race is open to all 2 stroke Chinese mid-frame bicycle engines. Speeds up to 50 miles per hour are reached as riders watch their bikes almost disintegrate beneath them. Be a part of it!

X-18 cruising legally
Crusing done gratiot ave.

SkyHawk GT-2 80cc Motorized Bike SBP 55MPH (Riding)
SkyHawk GT-2 with shift kit from sbp, engine start and riding through the streets. Walk Around Video: http://youtu.be/IPL6UliZLeo Song: Black & White By: Aaron Haug https://soundcloud.com/aaron-haug/aaron-haug-black-white

My x18
110cc x18 midbike, 17-38 gearing,55+mph, race cdi, performance air filter, muffler mod done by x7rocks. custom signal lights

How to Build a Motorized Bicycle - Part 1
Be sure to watch Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPGx9Um6DP8 and Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnWjdYReTU0 Would you like to get 120 mpg? If you've got an old bicycle, $130 and some free time then you can build a motorized bicycle for those trips to the corner drugstore. Check out my other videos ... http://www.youtube.com/user/panofish Go to http://www.panofish.net to see more of my hobbies.

Death Race 2010 Main Helmet cam Laps 1-6 Part 1
Motorized Bicycle Racing Helmet Cam Main Event Part 1 Laps 1-6 Spooky Tooth Cycles Death Race April 18,2010 at Musselman Honda Circuit (P1 Kart Circuit) in Tucson, Arizona

H2O Cooled Morini Race BoXer Motored Bicycle.
I got the chance to race this bicycle at the SoCal Motored Bicycling Events for the last couple of years. Very reliable and Quick. I raced it in the Unlimited Class against Mopeds and 212cc 4 stroke bicycles. I don't want to say its fast because top speed is in the low 50mph down the straightaway at Grange Race Track. Now that its time to retire the bicycle, I decided to tell everyone my mods. This bike will be converted to a street friendly quiet Electric Bicycle by the summertime.

Brand New X18 FOR SALE!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!
My 2007 X18 with a DISCONTINUED 2006 red/black body kit. Upgrades: custom made electric start, Hitman Big Block, spark plug, racing tires, and new Exhaust pipe New Video Comming Soon - My x18 with: the upgrades above + 1. 114cc big bore kit 2. 22mm Mikuni carberator 3. vapor trail computer 4. race head 6. 54mm race piston 7. back seat 8. red neon + custom swich to turn on and off 9. graphics 10.Custom air filter 11. new battery and starter- finally no more kick starting! 12. custom clutch (handle and inner plate) For all my fans out there, the new video with all these upgrades is going to be posted in a few weeks because i have to sell it =( =( =(!!!!!! read below for more details: unfortunatly my car engine blew and i now have to sell my x18 =(, This x18 is really like no other i guarantee you!!! you cannot find another x18 that looks and performs like this one does. I'll be making a complete professionally done up ad for this bike, because i love this bike so much and it is completly worth it to me, i love this bike and i hate that i have to sell it, if your local you can come give it a test drive im located on long island, New York, any other questions e-mail me Gunracer250@Yahoo.com New video should be on youtube ( with a WAY BETTER camera) OCTOBER 2010!!!

My Italian 50cc Motorized Bicycle climbing a hill @ 40+mph
To see pics of my bike, go to: http://motorbicycling.com/f25/ezrs-full-suspension-summer-project-1286-6.ht ml I thought I'd mount my camera to my helmet. Here's a quick ride up Calaveras.

How I Made My Motorized Bike
This is a video about how I built My Motorized Bicycle. It has a Craftsman Weedeater 26.2cc engine.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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