Motorized Bicycle vs. X-18 Mid Bike in a 8 lap race.

To see pictures of the bike, go to: Me holding off a 130cc Mid Bike on Team BoXer's 50cc motorized bicycle for 8 laps.

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Homemade open crank motor bicycle
Close up view of the engine at 3:35. Hope you enjoy!

H2O Cooled Morini Race BoXer Motored Bicycle.
I got the chance to race this bicycle at the SoCal Motored Bicycling Events for the last couple of years. Very reliable and Quick. I raced it in the Unlimited Class against Mopeds and 212cc 4 stroke bicycles. I don't want to say its fast because top speed is in the low 50mph down the straightaway at Grange Race Track. Now that its time to retire the bicycle, I decided to tell everyone my mods. This bike will be converted to a street friendly quiet Electric Bicycle by the summertime.

160cc Engine On Bicycle
Victa lawn mower power

Motorized Bicycle Race 6-1-13 Grange Raceway Mid Class Heat 1 KTM Shifter
This was my first time racing anything in years and in the first heat race I got a good start but after a lap or so I got real nervous and really slowed down. I thought I saw the white flag, then the checkered and I thought the race was over but couldnt figure out why everyone was still going around the track. What a bone head!