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Motorized Bicycle vs. X-18 Mid Bike in a 8 lap race.

To see pictures of the bike, go to: http://motorbicycling.com/f15/italian-stallion-progress-940.html Me holding off a 130cc Mid Bike on Team BoXer's 50cc motorized bicycle for 8 laps.


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66cc motorized bicycle - GoPro

How to Build a Motorized Bicycle - Part 3
Final stage of assembly ... and then we ride! Check out my other videos on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/panofish

Установка Мотора на Велосипед - Installing Motorized Bicycle Kit
В видео показана установка двигателя 80 кубиков с автоматическим сцепление на велосипед schwinn hornet. Video includes 80cc Motorized Bicycle Kit installation on schwinn hornet. Статья: http://stuntexclub.ru/news/ustanovka-motora-na-motokruizer-maksa

Tuned Ported High Performance Motorized Bicycle 66cc
Never made a video of this with the new mods so here it is, still same motor from last video but now has 2000km on it but a new clutch, piston, rings and cylinder was installed for top performance. Sounds like a dirt bike :D this is also aka 80cc engine (really its 66cc). I have ported the cylinder ports as wide as I can and semi polished them, I also raised the Exhaust port a few mm and now it has only top end power. The banana pipe (tuned pipe) is modified to be a true expansion pipe. Piston is also lightened by removing extra material inside the piston skirt and piston port ramps. Air filter from one of my rc trucks and last is NGK cold spark plug (supposed to be in summer). This thing tops out at 60km/h but once I put a smaller sprocket, it can easily reach 80-90km/h and maby kill me at the same time. Still need a custom cdi, increase compression ratio and custom walbro carb or reed setup. Ultimate guide for high performance mods http://www.dragonfly75.com/motorbike/

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Coupe: 12.862 @ 108.910
Sergey Silence, Engine: 5.5L V8, Tires: BFgoodrich KDW II

2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Coupe AMG sport package: 13.256 @ 108.132
Kenny Williamson, Engine: 5.5L V8 N/A 382hp / 391tq, Tires: Pirelli Pzero

2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Cabriolet AMG Sport Pkg: 13.280 @ 107.840
Daniel Flynn, Engine: 5.5L V8 N/A 388hp / 391tq, Tires: Pirelli PZERO

2013 Dodge Avenger SE: 14.218 @ 97.960
Shawn Robertson,

2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4: 14.610 @ 100.320
NA, Engine: dohc turbo inline 4, Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar

1996 Dodge Avenger 2.0L 5Speed: 14.800 @ 94.591
Nathan M, Engine: 2.0L, Supercharger: None Turbos: None Tires: Michelin Pilot 235's

1995 Dodge Avenger : 16.107 @ 87.480
David Whyman, Engine: 2.0L I-4, Tires: Goodyear

1997 Dodge Avenger : 16.548 @ 82.870
Jim Clark, Engine: 6G73 2.5L V6,

1997 Dodge Avenger : 16.701 @ 84.350
Richard miller, Engine: 420A inline 4, Tires: winston 5000

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT: 16.810 @ 83.020
NA, Engine: DOHC 16 valve inline 4,

1996 Dodge Avenger : 16.900 @ 82.456
Jesse C, Engine: 2.0L,

2007 Dodge Caliber R/T: 17.986 @ 79.660
Dave Cullen, Engine: 2.4L DOHC,

2007 Dodge Caliber SE: 18.006 @ 78.090
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2012 Dodge Avenger SE: 18.125 @ 77.580
joseph scarborough,


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