Turn That Fuel Up Cummins part 1

Chevy Cummins Project. http://www.mandhinc.net/DPD-1-F.html

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Turn That Fuel Up Cummins part 2
Chevy Cummins Project.

12v Cummins Fuel Plate Mod
Project cum apart: I shaved my fuel plate to a #0 and then cranked the star wheel. Then the aftermath.

cummins turbo silencer ring removal
how to remove turbo silencer ring from 2001 dodge 2500 cummins turbo diesel engine

How to UP the BOOST on your CUMMINS!
How to increase the Boost on your Cummins turbo diesel by installing a spring gate! Also fixes leaky wastegate actuators! Spring specs here: https://www.mcmaster.com/#9628k58/=162m1ba