putneys old truck at mountainsideorp

blah blah blah... its rock crawling mmmkay...

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Epic Fail (off-road)
Lot's of ooops and DOH's!

Чумовой оффроад 2015.
Оффроад Украина, болото УАЗ GMC YUKON HAMMER H3 NIVA 2121 KIA Sportage TOYOTA 80-100 DEF-UAZ UAZ PATRIOT Panasonic HC-V710 test drive

RC Offroad Trucks 4x4 River Crossing Submarines! at MacRitchie Reservoir
RC Offroad Trucks 4x4 River Crossing Submarines! at MacRitchie Reservoir Date: 01 Mar 2015 The Rigs: Axial SCX10 Hummer Axial SCX10 G6 Jeep Wrangler Axial SCX10 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler RCModelex Defender 90 RCModelex Defender 110 HG Mercedes AMG G63 4x4 RC4WD Gelande 2 Defender 90 2x RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Hilux Mojave RC4WD Boyer Chassis with Dodge Ram body Video taken on a Sony AS100VR Action cam This week's trail at MacRitchie Reservoir! :) Long walk to and from the car park to the trail site.... :D Nice scenery and fresh fresh air though! Thanks for watching! Who are we? We are a group of passionate RC enthusiasts coming together weekly for RC fun. :) Add us on Facebook http://Facebook.com/SGCrawlers http://Facebook.com/Boolean21 Instagram http://Instagram.com/sgcrawlers Visit us at http://SGCrawlers.co.nr and http://MyHoncho.blogspot.com Subscribe to our youtube Channels http://youtube.com/MyHonchoSG http://youtube.com/BooleanRC Keep RC-ing!!! :D

4x Land Rover Discovery TD5 **OFFROAD** 07/06/2015
land rover discovery td5 ikizler twins jr ikizler extreme offroad offroading super swamper boggers istanbul türkiye exotic cars diesel power remap chip tuning racing race trucks motorsport