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Candy Rootbeer Lemans on 26" Rose Gold Forgiato Autonomos
Naptown Whips

Plies 1st annual Flickalatin CarShow
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plies Car on 32's
Car show

Plies in his CHROME 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix on 26" DUB Azzmackas @ Florida Mall - 1080p HD
Plies driving around Florida Mall's parking lot, in his CHROME painted 68 Pontiac Grand Prix, tucking some chrome DUB Skirt Azzmackas Floaters 26's. He driving in the parking lot like he in a regular car haha... Girls screaming his name and taking pics with him as he going thru the parking lot! Even had that chick's grandma take a pic with him. Lol. Finally he valet parked his car, and I gotta solid video of it. In Orlando, FL for Florida Classic 2012.