Big Bore Bash 2011 Willow Springs International Raceway VARA

Down in the "pits" Saturday 11/6 as a line of vintage V-8 racing muscle comes to grid. American V-8s are at home in Novemeber at Willow Springs International Raceway's BIG BORE BASH!

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This is my qualifying race Saturday afternoon. I qualified fastest of all the vintage cars with a 1:32 lap time but unfortunately I quickly droped off the pace due to a tire going flat.... :(

Willow Springs Raceway Big Bore Bash November 5th and 6th 2011
This is a slideshow of the Big Bore Bash at Willow Springs Raceway on November 5th and 6th 2011.

Cobra Crash Willow Springs Raceway 130 MPH
Can you tell how many Spins, Rolls, & Cartwheels take place in this Cobra Crash? Cobra Engine FOR SALE Almost New, 426cid stroked Windsor with, Tremec 5 speed / road race gears. Over 14K in motor and Trans Go to Candid Realty Group.Com and send Pete Tryce a message. Located in Southern California On the front straight doing 130mph, something breaks in the frontend. The cobra veers hard right and off track. The car leaves a 6O foot gash in the asphalt as it veered before leaving the track and continued for an additional 500 feet off track to its resting point. I received only minor injuries to my left knee and bruised ribs. .

Ford Mustang GT/Boris Said at Willowsprings Big Bore Bash 11/06/10
This was at Willowspring Raceway on November 6th 2010 group 3 qualifying race. The qualifying results for the top three: 1st #3 Boris Said 15 laps Best speed 113.927 2nd #10 Brandon Davis 15 laps Best Speed 114.341 3rd #8 Kenneth Davis 15 laps Best Speed 108.756