Big Bore Bash 2011 Willow Springs International Raceway VARA

Down in the "pits" Saturday 11/6 as a line of vintage V-8 racing muscle comes to grid. American V-8s are at home in Novemeber at Willow Springs International Raceway's BIG BORE BASH!

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This is my qualifying race Saturday afternoon. I qualified fastest of all the vintage cars with a 1:32 lap time but unfortunately I quickly droped off the pace due to a tire going flat.... :(

VARA 2016 Big Bore Bash at Willow Springs Raceway! Pit Tour.
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Cobra Crash Willow Springs Raceway 130 MPH
Can you tell how many Spins, Rolls, & Cartwheels take place in this Cobra Crash? Cobra Engine FOR SALE Almost New, 426cid stroked Windsor with, Tremec 5 speed / road race gears. Over 14K in motor and Trans Go to Candid Realty Group.Com and send Pete Tryce a message. Located in Southern California On the front straight doing 130mph, something breaks in the frontend. The cobra veers hard right and off track. The car leaves a 6O foot gash in the asphalt as it veered before leaving the track and continued for an additional 500 feet off track to its resting point. I received only minor injuries to my left knee and bruised ribs. .

Vara Big Bore Bash, running a Vintage 1985 Buick Somerset TransAm/IMSA car. Started last in a field of 19 cars. Eventually moved up to 7th but halfway thru the race got carried away and spun in turn one. Driver error. Went in too hot late braking to get by the orange Corvette on the inside. Spent the rest of the race making up my position. Disappointed in my new GoPro II. Pretty good HD picture but too shakey. Definitely need to come up with a better mount.