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Meningen med livet - Vw Museum i Pålsboda

Holmgrens Vw museum i Pålsboda, Meningen med livet var där och gjorde det här repotaget. Nån som vet vad musiken heter?


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Hjälp - Örjan Lax Säsong 1
Hjälp Säsong 1 med Örjan Lax Alla scener.

min film Mopedrally Pålsboda 28 7 2012
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Meningen med livet - Vw Split
Bröderna Svanbergs Vw split sammling. Från Meningen med livet 2007 - Bröderna åker till skåne för att leta efter en 1946 bubbla The Vw Collection. Brothers Swan's Vw split Collections. From The Meaning of Life 2007 - The brothers go to Skone to look for a 1946 bug Nån som vet vad musiken heter?

Meningen med Livet - Chopper
Från Meningen med livet. Hemma hos Peder johansson och hans chopper byggen

Meningen Med Livet - V8 Grålle Del 1
Rolf Bengtssons stora dyra leksaker. Nån som vet vad musiken heter?

Hjälp - Benjamin Säsong 1
Hjälp Säsong 1 Benjamin Alla klipp

VW rust in peace...
Collection of vw rust...

Aitik Besök.wmv
Studiebesök i Aitik gruvan med Yrkesakademin

Sal's VW & Antique Garage/Museum
Hi, Here's a video of my VW and Antique museum. I have been collecting VW and Antique stuffs for 15 years. They can be for sale, rent for photo shooting, commercial, or movie. Please feel free to contact me if you want to rent props from my collection. Enjoy the video.

vw beetle documentary: kleiner wagen grosse liebe (2/7)
I admit: It takes some persistence to stay awake watching all 7 chapters of this 55 minute 'infomercial', which was shot in Germany in 1949. Even for the standards of those days the photographic quality is poor. The storyline is very thin and a bit staged. So it takes a real die-hard beetle lover to appreciate the film. The first minutes of the film look like a wartime 'deutsche Wochenschau'. The powerful bombastic music amplifies that atmosphere. The film was a collaboration between Esso and the Wolfsburg volkswagen plant. This was only 4 years after the war. Only few could affort to drive a car. Amazing is to see the early split window car playing a main role in the film: Kleiner Wagen, grosse Liebe. The pretty lady in this clip is Hilde Hildebrand. She was a well known german pre-war actress. She plays alongside less well known actors like Jakob tiedtke, Beppo Brem appear in this film. vw beetle commercial vintage volkswagen fusca advertisement classic reclame kever kafer old flower power car auto retro friedolin benteler historischer film service esso volkswagenwerk wolfsburg uka filmarchiv ag

Meningen Med Livet - Entreprenadmaskin sammling
Svergies största privata sammling av Entreprenadmaskiner. Apm musik. 1.52 : No Sweat. http://www.apmmusic.com/myapm

VW Split window
collection of splits

Bubbla drifting
Car movie

AutoMuseum Volkswagen Wolfsburg
AutoMuseum Volkswagen Wolfsburg Welcome home 2008 - 70 years of Wolfsburg 20-22 juni 2008

VW Museum Dieselstrasse april 2011

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