Dayton Cop Flunks test

This is an officer of the law, yet he doesn't know the law. Worse yet, he accuses me of breaking the law that he doesn't understand. It's great in Dayton. I need to add, I respect MOST cops. I think the good cops would agree this guy should have known the law before he accuses someone of breaking it. Hint: Play at 720P and video quality is MUCH better.

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Wayne County Sheriff Busted Breaking The law Gets His Revenge
Wayne County Michigan, Eureka Rd, south of Metro airport...There was a seat belt sting in progress on this highway as this law breaker pulled onto the road. I am tired of all government hypocrisy and I will expose their action as best I can. Seat belt laws for some, I think not. Also this nice sheriff had just DANGEROUSLY tailgated me for near three miles. Very intimidating and I have video. This guy is a THUG with a gun. As my statement would be subject to defamation if not true. Thanks for reading description. See sheriff intimidate citizen I attempted to take recording equipment into court, it was not allowed. I soon understood why, what a bunch of thugs with so much to hide. My ticket was dismissed and they could not get me out of the courthouse fast enough. PEOPLE, WAKE THE HELL UP!!

Pulled over in Rowlett for driving a Tahoe.

How to ask questions and never answer them when detained
I was approached by two cops accusing me of the constitutionally protected right of photography. At this time I had no beef with the police nor was I ever filming them. I was very polite but firm. I explained to them I was just reading my emails. Then went on to explain if I was doing what they accused me up I would've had the right to do. Then the cops accuse me of baiting them. If they thought they were being baited why take it. If I was filming to bait them the video would be much longer and show the supposedly filming and they were talking about. If I was filming to bait them I would have told them yeah I was filming so what. They go on I the video to say it's suspicious that I won't give up my fourth amendment right and ID myself. They become further suspicious after they bring up "Terry versus Ohio" and find out I know it better than them and it don't apply to me.

Trooper pulls over SC mayor, then mayor pulls trooper over
January 24, 2012 The South Carolina Law Enforcment Division is being asked to investigate whether a mayor overstepped his bounds. Norway is a small town between Aiken and Orangeburg. The town's mayor may be in hot water yet again.