Dayton Cop Flunks test

This is an officer of the law, yet he doesn't know the law. Worse yet, he accuses me of breaking the law that he doesn't understand. It's great in Dayton. I need to add, I respect MOST cops. I think the good cops would agree this guy should have known the law before he accuses someone of breaking it.

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Guy open carry stopped by ex Marine Policeman
Great Cop

cop that doesn't know the law
Recorded on January 1, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

DUI Checkpoint Refusal at Tahoe Again
Same rider, same motorcycle, different gear, different result from July 4, 2012 Tahoe roadblock. The rider is recognized by the cop, who says the rider's name while the rider says goodbye. The audio is edited at this point for the rider's privacy.

Hopkinsville police violate rights on citezen with a sweet beard
stop by HPD bc i had a long beard,