Dayton Cop Flunks test

This is an officer of the law, yet he doesn't know the law. Worse yet, he accuses me of breaking the law that he doesn't understand. It's great in Dayton. I need to add, I respect MOST cops. I think the good cops would agree this guy should have known the law before he accuses someone of breaking it. Hint: Play at 720P and video quality is MUCH better.

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Cop doesnt know the law
I was pulled over by officer Rodriguez and officer Sexton of the DeLand, Fl Police Department after i was filming the 2 cops in this video. they tried to tell me to stop. I kept filming and then got in my car and was immediately pulled over and given bogus tickets. the cop tells me i have the option of not signing. then gives me a ticket for not signing. he never did allow me to sign the other 3 so they are void. and the one i signed was under duress because i was threatened with imprisonment and there were 2 officers there with there hands on their guns. there isnt even a statute or ordinance number on the "refusal to sign ticket". please send this video to every one you know and favorite it. thank you

Wayne County Sheriff Busted Breaking The law Gets His Revenge
Wayne County Michigan, Eureka Rd, south of Metro airport...There was a seat belt sting in progress on this highway as this law breaker pulled onto the road. I am tired of all government hypocrisy and I will expose their action as best I can. Seat belt laws for some, I think not. Also this nice sheriff had just DANGEROUSLY tailgated me for near three miles. Very intimidating and I have video. This guy is a THUG with a gun. As my statement would be subject to defamation if not true. Thanks for reading description. See sheriff intimidate citizen I attempted to take recording equipment into court, it was not allowed. I soon understood why, what a bunch of thugs with so much to hide. My ticket was dismissed and they could not get me out of the courthouse fast enough. PEOPLE, WAKE THE HELL UP!!

Cop cant comprehend being questioned contradicts himself
this officer was behind me at 2 stop lights and i witnessed him on his computer,which he later lies about it taking time to boot up.the crap head admits i was going the speed limit and using directionals but says i was eratic driving.he is just a total dick as you will see when he asks if i have questions he either cuts me off or doesnt answer them.then he wants me to teach my kid not to question the blue suit guys that are charging me money for a false reason.sorry B. HEBLER IM NOT YOUR work for me dont you remember.your a disgrace..... Outcome of court..........As I approached the DA she already wrote down a plea bargin to 2 parking tickets,I said I'm taking it to trial,she said if what the officer said is true you will have very big fines and 4 point's on your license,I said well he already said what he said so how will I prove he's lying.I told her they have it set up so they can't lose as the police,da,and judge are all on the same team.I asked if I would be able to use my video in court,I was told it depend's if I have an attorney that will introduce the video to the court.In the end I took the plea of 2 parking tickets which were $25 each.If I hired an attorney it would have been $200 right there,and then if I still lost the case I would have the 4 point's and more fines.In hind sight I should have still took it to trial even though it would have cost me more money and time I would have been able to show the cop wouldn't state until 30 mins later why I was pulled over and also would have been able to show he wrote me tickets for just "having an attitude" and then wrote me another ticket for questioning his so called authority.I'm glad that at least I have the video to share to show what a power tripping piggy he was because he didn't like being questioned and wasn't happy he didn't find drugs.If I knew I would have made this much money on the video I would have took it to trial knowing my costs would easily be covered.I learned alot from the expieriencc and next time It will be going to trial.