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2011 Pirelli World Challenge - Mid-Ohio Finish

http:\\www.us.pirelli.com Video of the final laps of Round 8 of the Pirelli World Challenge series from Mid-Ohio. Johnny O'Connell took the overall and GT class win in exciting fashion in his Cadillac CTS-V. Patrick Lindsey finished second in his Chevrolet Corvette Z06 followed by Randy Pobst and his Volvo S60 AWD. Paul Brown took his second GTS class victory of the race weekend in the #50 Ford Mustang Boss 302S. K-Pax Racing's Aaron Povoledo and Robb Holland finished 1-2 in the TC class in their Volvo C30 FWDs.


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2011 Pirelli World Challenge - Mid-Ohio Autograph Session
Pirelli World Challenge drivers sign autographs for fans at Mid-Ohio. http://www.us.pirelli.com

2011 Pirelli World Challenge - Mid-Ohio Autograph Session
Pirelli World Challenge drivers sign autographs for fans at Mid-Ohio. http://www.us.pirelli.com

2011 Pirelli World Challenge - Mid-Ohio
Round 8 of the Pirelli World Challenge at Mid-Ohio. http://www.us.pirelli.com

2014 Pirelli World Challenge at St. Petersburg on NBC Sports Network
The Pirelli World Challenge Cadillac Grand Prix of St. Petersburg as aired on NBC Sports Network on April 6, 2014. The GT/GT-A/GTS Opening Round is included in this broadcast

Mike Skeen: 2011 World Challenge GT at Mid-Ohio
Watch the onboard footage from the #2 CRP Racing/Cragar Corvette driven by Mike Skeen in the Pirelli World Challenge GT series at Mid-Ohio. These are the final laps of Round 8 (Race 2 at Mid-Ohio). Unfortunately, the unit lost power and did not record the final lap; visit world-challengetv.com for the exciting finish.

F1 2011 - Pirelli Motorsport factory
F1 news, HD photos and more on our website http://www.nextgen-auto.com

Pirelli Angel ST Tire Review
http://www.compacc.com/Pirelli-Angel-ST-Tires We take a detailed look at the Pirelli Angel ST Tires and how well they have held up on my bike. These tires were put through A LOT of abuse and hard miles, including a track day at Road Atlanta. Very impressed with how well the tires held up and how much grip they provide. They definitely lean more toward the "Sport" side of Sport Touring - which in my book is a great thing!

Pirelli's Secret Tire Test Facility - /SHAKEDOWN
Leo Parente and ShakeDown visit the location for all the wet traction and noise control testing that Pirelli does for all its street tires and many of its race and rally tires. This may not be a show about race cars, but the racing development process is definitely in play. And we show you cars going fast in the wet, on a track!

K-PAX Racing Volvo S60 at Mid-Ohio
The start of the World Challenge race at Mid-O as seen from the body mounted cameras the K-PAX Racing Volvo S60's of Andy Pilgrim and Randy Pobst.

2014 Pirelli World Challenge at Long Beach on NBC Sports Network
The Pirelli World Challenge Roar by the Shore at Long Beach as aired on NBC Sports Network on April 20, 2014. GT/GT-A/GTS Round 2 is included in this broadcast.

Pirelli World Challenge Infineon 2011 Saturday Race
This is the race of the Pirelli World Challenge cars at Infineon Raceway in 2011. There are Camaros, Mustangs, Cadillac CTS-Vs, Porsches, and a Ferrari 430. Visit http://www.manteganiphotos.com for more photos and videos!

Mid Ohio Wreck.avi
American Iron race @ Mid Ohio Sports Car Course.

SCCA Cinci PDX 2011 @ Mid-Ohio July 29, 2011 Run-3 - edvRacing '00 Honda Civic Si HC2 Spec
The edvRacing '00 Honda Civic Si (Honda Challenge 2 Spec) driven by Edgar Villarroya at the SCCA Cincinnati PDX @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 29, 2011 running in the Advance/Instructors Group.

2011 Pirelli World Challenge Mosport Round 5 Eric Foss Traxxas Mustang Start to full course yellow
This is in-car video of Eric Foss driving the Traxxas/ St. Jude/ SPX/ Amsoil Ford Mustang that is prepared by Capaldi Racing. This is the first half of the race. Please check out www.traxxas.com/childrenfirst.

Pirelli World Challenge 2012 Year End Highlights
Highlights of Pirelli World Challenge 2012 as seen at PRI 2012. Go to www.world-challengetv.com to view this video without ads.

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