Hooper 1978 - Rocket powered 1978 Pontiac Transam jumps bridge

The stunt driving that climaxes with a spectacular jump in the rocket powered Pontiac Transam.

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Hooper Movie Fight at Palomino club
Hooper, Ski, and the stuntgang arrive at the palomino club to find a swat convention with terry bradshaw. A fight starts over 50 cents and everyone gets thrown out. Oh, and thanx to two idiots who cant keep their sporting hero crap to themselves, comments are disabled, sorry.

Hooper movie Stuntman 55 backwards
Burt Reynolds as "Hooper" on the way to the palomino club driving 55 backwards so Jocko can have a beer handed to him from the other car.

Hooper Movie Brews with ski Rocket car getaway from police
Hooper, "Burt Reynolds", and Ski,"Michael Jan Vincent", Testing the Rocket car from the stunt set of the spy who laughed at danger.

Hooper Opening Scene
What I feel like every time I get dressed for a motorcycle ride.