Save the Manuals!

We love driving, and we love the manual transmission as an integral part of the driving experience. We will not abandon that third pedal and the connection it provides with our machines. We are driving enthusiasts, and we need to save the manuals. Won't you join us? Learn how you can pledge support here:!-car_and_driver

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Should You Learn To Drive a Manual Transmission?
On this community episode of Saturday Mechanic Ben and Russ tackle the question of whether it is beneficial to learn how to drive a manual transmission. Tune in to the new Car and Driver Channel on YouTube and follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs and upgrades on the Saturday Mechanic show. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the air. Connect with Ben Wojdyla: Facebook:!/ben.wojdyla Twitter:!/Ben_Wojdyla Youtube: Connect To Popular Mechanics:!/popmech Connect to Car and Driver: Subscribe! Twitter: Facebook:

Death of the Manual Transmission - Road Testament
J.F. Musial and Alex Roy discuss what J.F. believes to be the imminent death of the manual transmission in the next 10 years.

Why You Should Drive a Manual Transmission
Save the manuals! Here's a vlog on why I think you should at least try to learn how to drive a manual and some of the benefits of doing so. It's sad seeing them leave from the new car market, but rolling with the times I guess. Want to know one way to reduce the number of fatal accidents from texting and driving in the US? Start driving manuals. This is me in my 2005 Saturn Ion 5-Speed manual. Subscribe for more stuff! My Facebook page:

Save The Manuals - Automatic Transmissions Suck!!!
Automatic transmissions have taken over the world, and they are killing driving pressure for everyone. People have forget how to drive the stick shift. The auto fail-box has become the new standard for the lazy people that don't put any effort into driving. The problem must be fixed!!! Me must eliminate the problem of automatic shifting from society!!! Please, save the manuals.... you will be doing the world a huge favor. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!! -Wicked Devil